A small group has test-walked the trail to optimise the trail route and experience.
In August a small group has test-walked the Adelaide100 trail to optimise the trail route and experience.
Walking SA continues to work on developing the Adelaide100® initiated by Board member Jim Mclean.

Having conducted a wide range of initial consultation, a small group walking the trail to learn first hand and as we continue to refine the concept we are now into a business planning mode to determine how we can garner further support to make this project happen. As we have used the principle of using existing well maintained trails for the Adelaide100® we believe that the additional cost of creating the trail will be relatively modest, and in particular when compared to what it would be if we were creating it from scratch.

We are grateful for the ongoing support we are receiving across the Board for this project through our member clubs and organisations, local government, state government and a wide range of community groups that we are engaging with. In particular we acknowledge the financial contribution made by the Friends of the Heysen Trail and Skyline Walkers which will greatly assist us getting work done on the ground.